Since the 1980’s researchers in psychology, computer science and library and information science have confirmed the advantages of paper over reading information on a computer screen or a tablet. So what do consumer rally say?

78% if given a choice they would prefer to read information on paper.
Passing a message through print can be for a variety of reasons, news, bills or education. Whatever the reason most people like reading on paper to reading on screens and this was true across all age ranges.

72% believe printed documents are easier to read.
“Dry eye” is a condition that occurs when the eyes do not make or produce enough fluid or the fluid evaporates too quickly. Researchers have found that when we stare at computers, our blinking time decreased compared to reading printed material.

85% of consumers sort through and read their mail on a daily basis.
Researchers have found that only 28% of electric communication advertising is read. While over 80% of direct mail will get opened.

71% of consumers understand that paper is a renewable and recyclable product that is responsibly produced and consumed.
Recycling is now a part of daily lives and many people are aware of the developments in sustainable forest plantations.

54% Pay attention to advertising when reading in print compared to 19% when reading on line.
This is even higher in people 18-34 years old, dispelling the belief that younger people are “digitally optimized”

While electronic advertising and marketing has it’s place, if you really want your message read, remember PRINT is still the most effective way to get your message read and remembered.

—Craig Keller